Writing this because it was annoying to setup.

First, we need to start up Localstack on our computer. Luckily all you need is docker and you can get it running.

  1. Copy the following config and paste it into docker-compose.yml file.
version: "3"
image: localstack/localstack
container_name: “localstack”
network_mode: bridge
— "4566:4566"
— "/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock"

2. Start…

Carl O Sauer’s writings on Spain’s exploration of the New World

All the information provided in this article was derived from the writings of Carl O Sauer. The historical geography of the Spanish in California is rich, these are only the accounts of the first commissioned surveys of California coast and the maps they produced.

Carl O Sauer

Famously known for his contributions to…

A natural law governing domains of creative human production.


I recently stumbled upon a lecture given by psychology professor at the University of Toronto, Dr. Jordan Peterson, where he details socio-political developments of the Soviet Union after the first World War. He begins by explaining how the“peasant class” in the Soviet Union had become tremendously successful in agricultural production…

A quick demonstration on how you can migrate your current reducers to be pure and immutable.

Quick Redux Recap

Redux at its core is really just a one way messaging subscription system, but with this we can create amazing scalable state management.

In this messaging system we can subscribe (AKA “observe” and “listen”) to events, such as calling a function to make a request to an API. …

We’re going to walk through one of the small nuances of requiring vs reading a file directly during a running NodeJS process.

NOTE: This is not an in depth comparison of require and fs.readFile


If want to reference the latest version of a file throughout your running NodeJS process use the fs package, otherwise if you want your data to remain constant or don’t anticipate the file changing use require.


When programming…

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